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“Mind Blowing”

Subhadip Mondal

about Me

I am a guitarist and a filmmaker from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

I make short films, music videos and quality tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel to help you get better at Guitar Playing, Filmmaking and YouTube.


My Expertise

I am passionate about a lot of things but these are what I thrive to be good at.


I have been playing guitar for more than 15 years now and this has always been my first love.

Now, I make detailed Guitar Tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel that you can check here.

If you are from Kolkata and want to join my private guitar class, then click here to shoot me a quick email and I will let you know when the next batch will start.



I am an Independent Filmmaker from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

I make thought provoking short films as well as share valuable filmmaking tips that I have gathered through all these years of experience in making a few award winning and highly acclaimed short films to some miserable disasters.

All of which you can check out here.



YouTube & Blogging

I strongly believe, YouTube is the now and future of online content consumption and creation.

I am doing YouTube and Blogging and also earning from them for quite some time now and wish to share my experience with you guys to help you generate and streamline your online earnings as well on my channel here.



Photo & Video Editing

This is what I have been doing professionally every single day for the past 7 years.

I share all my knowledge on my YouTube Channel here that you may be interested in.

I will soon start my extensive video editing course, so if you are from Kolkata and want to learn directly from me then shoot me an email and I will notify you when the batch starts.


Hire Me

I offer high quality Photo and Video Editing Services on Fiverr.
Craving For Perfection

I am really picky about everything being perfect. So, if you are looking for professional results, you may start a conversation with me, right now.

Check Before Ordering

I offer a sample to each and every one of my customers even before they place an order. So that they can have an idea about what outcome to expect from me.

Fast Delivery

Till now, I have managed to deliver 100% of my orders on and before time. Because I take them seriously.

Great Communication

I am a friendly person. I love meeting new people. Even if you don’t have a photo or video to edit, you can message me just to have a conversation. You may feel good.

Flexible Pricing

Editing is a complex processes and everyone has different requirements. Contact me for your personalized quote based on your needs.

Rave Reviews

Don’t just believe my words. Check out what my previous customers have to say about me.

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